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EverWitch - Mobile

not released

A beautiful, cute little witch decides to invade the world of fairies and magical creatures. In her sweet and angelic way, the little witch fires shots through her magic broom, that violently destroys enemies from enchanted kingdoms. In a simple way, a little witch intends to kill, cruelly, the creatures of all the enchanted kingdoms.


That's a non-sense plot, where the main character seems to be very cute and adorable, but it's a bloody psychopath. This is covered with a lot of humor since the enemies should die in a funny and exaggerated way.


The game has a basic Arcade Shooter (action) mechanic, side-scrolling, on the battle system. Then, the player controls a little witch, who flies on a magic broom, using the touchscreen. The character is fixed on the left side of the screen and the player controls only the height by holding the screen and dragging up and down, as the character moves ahead and fires automatically.


I Worked On

Making power-ups to the game character and some interactions and effects. as Gameplay Programmer.

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