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Labirinto Zero - PC

The game is set in a robot factory, where Dr. Tanaka, an inventor scientist, spends his time building robots in order to achieve the perfect algorithm. To test the built robots, Dr. Tanaka also built a cyber labyrinth. After failing several times, the scientist is about to give up on his project. However, the creation of a new robot, which was named Zero, makes him change his mind and persist in the endeavor.


Zero was created with the aim of getting out of the maze. For this, the robot will have to solve the puzzles, finding and activating the buttons to open the path (Obstacle) and be able to complete the maze, this way, it can proceed through the stages.


The main mechanic of the zero maze is drag and drop, which is required to drag the direction arrows from the lower table, in which they are located, to the table on the right. The algorithm for executing the steps is built, which will be performed by pressing the "Run" button. During the construction of the path to exit the maze, obstacles appear, so that the player, in addition to forming your route using the arrow keys, you must press a button to remove obstacles from the path. In this way, the algorithm is completed and, if it is correct, the player passes the phase. If the player cannot complete the maze by executing the algorithm, the game will restart the phase.


I Worked On

Entire game process during the development of my monography in computer Science.

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